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Jay's Notes

Create a CC Block for ACM Preprints #

Here are two methods to create a nice CC copyright block for your ACM preprint.

First, you need to check your acmart.cls version (you can find it from the first 50 lines of this file).

version >= v1.87 #

The newer acmart style comes with CC support! However, it only works if you are using noacm option. You can bypass the constraint by modifying the acmart.cls file.

Comment out the following code in acmart.cls (line 1937 in v1.87). It prevents acmart from raising an error when you use CC with non-noacm options.

     \ClassInfo{\@classname}{Using CC license with a non-acm
        \ClassInfo{\@classname}{Using CC license with ACM Enage
      % \ClassError{\@classname}{%
      %   Sorry, Creative Commons licenses are\MessageBreak
      %   currently not used with ACM publications\MessageBreak
      %   typeset by the authors}{Please use nonacm
      %      option or ACM Engage class to enable CC licenses}%

Then, you can use the cc copyright by adding the following code in your source .tex file:


version < v1.87 #

We can use etoolbox to override the special command @copyrightpermission defined in acmart.cls.

  1. Download cc-by4.pdf from here
  2. Add the following code in your .tex source file (make sure it is before \maketitle comamnd)
% .... Other conference info ...

% Add CC figure

     \href{<>}{This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 License.}


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