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Jay's Notes

Simple Methods to Add Page Numbers in Your CS Papers #

Conference Method

ACM conferences (e.g., CHI, KDD, WebConf, CIKM that use the acmart LaTeX style)

Use \settopmatter{printfolios=true} right after \documentclass.

\documentclass[sigconf, screen]{acmart}

ACL conferences (e.g., ACL, NAACL, EACL, EMNLP)

Comment out \pagestyle{empty} in the conference style file (e.g., acl2023.sty)

    % \thispagestyle{empty}
    % \pagestyle{empty}

IEEE VIS (or TVCG and some other IEEE conferences)

Use the preprint option for the vgtc LaTeX style file.



Use the preprint or the final option for the neurips LaTeX style file.

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